Safety and Health
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The majority of our fences at Wild Apple Ranch are made of high-tensile polymer fencing, which has been endorsed by many equine professionals as being the safest and most horse-friendly choice.

Our fences are a combination of 5-inch rails constructed with three 12.5 gauge high tensile galvanized steel wire strands encased in polymer, and Polyplus 5/16 diameter 12.5 gauge coated steel wire.

Individual Paddocks

Each standard 12’ x 12’ stall has its own 12’ x 24’ paddock. This allows horses to see their barn mates while limiting their contact with other horses and retaining personal safety. For safe and healthy footing, the paddock ground was prepared with a special clay and sand mixture. Paddocks on our 12’ x 16’ stalls are 16’ x 24’, just enough extra space for that spunky new foal!

Double-Walled Stalls

Walls dividing the stalls are 6 feet high and are double-walled to lessen the possibility of contact between horses.

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Individual Automatic Waterers

Every stall has a Nelson heated automatic waterer providing fresh, on-demand water 24 hours a day. These top-of-the-line waterers have removable stainless steel water bowls allowing easy cleaning and disinfecting. Waterers are inspected and cleaned daily.



The floor of all stalls are covered with with 3/4” mats to cushion the horse’s hooves and afford comfort to legs. While this is desirable for any horse, it is particularly helpful for horses with foot problems and our geriatric horses. Mats provide a clean and sanitary environment which can be easily washed and disinfected.

Healthy Air

Healthy air is a great concern of ours. We designed our barn with open beam construction and cupolas to allow generous air flow. There is no overhead hay storage and only a minimal amount of hay is stored in the barn. Even horses confined to stall rest may enjoy the advantages of Dutch doors in each stall---fresh air, sunlight, and a view of other horses grazing nearby.

Individualized Nutrition and Feeding Schedules

Upon arrival to Wild Apple Ranch, the nutritional needs of each horse will be evaluated and a feeding schedule established. Feeding schedules may vary from twice a day to as many as six or more times a day. When warranted, our veterinarian will be asked to evaluate and advise a suitable diet and feeding schedule.

Grooming and Hoof Care

Included in our standard boarding fee, each horse will receive daily light grooming and hoof inspection. This hands-on contact with each horse is an excellent means to monitor outward appearance as well as emotional attitude. The individual attention a horse receives at Wild Apple Ranch goes far in maintaining a healthy emotional state.