Wild Apple Ranch

is a healing center for horses that collaborates with veterinarians and farriers on lameness problems, post-surgical cases, and an array of physical and emotional equine health issues.

We offer a unique environment for the equine with special needs or for the elderly equine. With eighty acres of wild apple trees, secluded pastures and forest, it is a peaceful and yet stimulating place.

Wild Apples

The Extended Care Facility

provides special-care boarding for healthy horses such as foaling mares and health restoration for horses with injuries, illnesses, or conditions that require constant attention.

The Retirement Community

provides a safe place, long-term care, companionship and exercise for aging and retired horses, giving special attention to changing physical and emotional needs.

Satellite Infirmary

Wild Apple Ranch is now a Satellite Infirmary for Jensen's Animal Hospital. This cooperation allows easier access to equine veterinary care for many clients, and also provides a safe and comfortable respite for the horse awaiting or undergoing treatment.